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Harnessing Technology to Redefine Homeownership: Insights from Laylee, CTO of QBI

In today’s fast-evolving real estate market, technology plays a pivotal role in simplifying and accelerating the homeownership process. As CTO of QBI, my mission is to leverage deep tech expertise and creative innovation to transform how loan officers and branch managers interact with and serve prospective homebuyers.

With over 15 years of experience in engineering, design, and tech leadership, I've created innovative web, mobile, and software solutions that set new industry standards.This experience has prepared me to tackle the complex challenges in real estate technology. At QBI, our mission is to make the mortgage pre-qualification process faster and more intuitive than ever before.

Our web application at QBI is a game-changer for loan officers and branch managers. It equips them with the tools they need to expand their networks through co-branded landing pages, affiliate management, and prospective borrower management. This not only personalizes the experience but also simplifies how referral networks and borrower interactions are managed. These customizable tools help our clients engage more effectively with their networks and consistently grow their databases.

Loan officers can make faster, more informed decisions with our prospective borrower self-initiated pre-qualification tool. The QBI Web Application speeds up the process and broadens the capabilities of real estate professionals by providing them with a pre-qualification tool that can be used anywhere, any time.

Leading QBI’s tech initiatives involves more than overseeing technological development; it's about nurturing a culture of innovation. My diverse background allows me to encourage our team to solve problems creatively and learn continuously, ensuring that our solutions genuinely meet user needs.

Looking ahead, QBI is set to redefine standards in the real estate industry. We're always looking at how emerging technologies can further improve connectivity and efficiency in our services. We strive to not just meet current market needs but to anticipate and shape future trends, making homeownership more accessible to everyone.

Join us at QBI, where we’re not just changing the process of buying a home—we’re also building a community of empowered real estate professionals. Our tools are designed to enhance the services that loan officers and branch managers provide, transforming potential into success.


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