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Qualified Buyer Index: My Unapologetic Motivation

I am a Social Entrepreneur. What does that mean?

It means meeting needs or solving problems with integrity and excellence in a way that generates both well-being and wealth.

It means doing the hard work of genuinely identifying a problem that you can solve.

It means putting together teams that operate in excellence toward achieving an organization’s mission.

It means seeing the consumers of your product or service as stakeholders whose lives you aspire to improve or enrich.

It means believing that if you genuinely meet a need or solve a problem with integrity and excellence the marketplace will reward you with revenues that exceed your expenses, that is profit.

I created Qualified Buyer Index to meet the need that prospective home buyers to have overcome their fears of beginning the home buying process. Qualified Buyer Index helps future homeowners self-assess their readiness for buying a home. Qualified Buyer Index is FREE and includes the user's actual mortgage-qualifying credit score range without impacting their credit score.

Beyond our technical and operational group, our team is an increasing number of real estate agents and mortgage lenders across America who contribute their professionalism and expertise to help home buyers successfully move forward.

The Qualified Buyer Index helps people achieve well-being and wealth through homeownership. It helps real estate agents and lenders become more profitable while also giving them a tool that even helps the people they can’t help. It's not too good to be true. But it is good. And true. And designed to be profitable. And for that, I do not apologize.

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