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Co-Brand with your Own
QBI Landing Page
Leverage your Marketing Budget with your Own Co-Branding QBI Landing Page!
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QBI Landing Page


  • Save Time by having prospects self-assess their own home buyer readiness

  • Accelerate sales by getting vetted leads in direct contact with Lenders faster

  • Better manage expectations between you and your prospect

  • You are cc’d on your prospects QBI assessment results which are based on one of the following: Income too low, Bankruptcy within 3 years, Credit Score Range too low, or Credit Qualified.

  • You are able to designate a Preferred Loan Officer who will be forwarded your Credit Qualified leads

  • You are given a unique URL and QR code that you can use to promote your Page through email, sms, social media or hard copy materials

  • You can easily share your Page on your social media channels (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

How It Works

Step 1

Sign Up

Create your co-branded landing page today!

  • Real Estate Agent

    Co-Branded QBI Landing Page
    Valid for 3 months

Step 2


Create your co-branded landing page by easily adding your contact information, logo and profile image. 

Step 3


Share your co-branded landing page via your unique URL or QR code! 

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