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Thinking about buying a home?
Get Ready For Homeownership. Let's Get Started!*

How Does QBI Work?

QBI generates a three-digit number that reflects credit-readiness, ability to purchase based on housing affordability, and information provided fundamental to the loan approval process.
Credit-worthiness is measured by the user's credit score range from Equifax.
We use data from Zillow® along with information you provide to help you assess how likely you are to find a house in your area that you can reasonably afford.
Your answers to a few basic questions help our lender partners better understand where you are starting from on the road to homeownership.
How Does It Work
Done Deal

Pathway To Homeownership

We connect you with the specialists that can help you make your dreams of homeownership come true.

You do not need to be wealthy or have the highest credit score.

No Downpayment? No Problem!

Use our tool to see if you are ready to be contacted by a lender who offers down payment assistance.

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