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  • What is the Qualified Buyer Index (QBI) and how does it work?
    ​QBI is designed with the goal of making the home-buying journey easier, faster, and more enjoyable for everyone involved. It's a simple yet powerful tool that helps prospective buyers get a better understanding of their credit profile and income levels so they can make an informed decision about whether they qualify for a home purchase.
  • What is the QBI Assessment?
    The QBI Assessment Tool gives you exclusive access to valuable insights, allows for a preliminary credit score range check (Fico 5), and efficiently connects prospective buyers with loan officers, all through an easy-to-follow guided assessment.
  • Does the QBI assessment pull a credit report?
    The QBI assessment allows for a preliminary credit score range check (FICO 5) . This is a soft pull and a full credit report is not provided.
  • Will I be charged for every prospect that completes a QBI assessment?
    No, any Prospect that is considered not qualified (Prospects with Credit Scores Under 620) you will not be charged for. For prospects that are considered "qualified" you will be charged based on your subscription level: QBI Standard: $50.00 per qualified Prospect QBI Pro: $40.00 per qualified Prospect QBI Ultimate: $30.00 per qualified Prospect
  • What's included in the QBI Platform?
    Use your the QBI Platform to Manage your prospective home buyers and your Team Members, including real estate agents, loan officers, and individuals, all in one place.
  • Who can I add as a user?
    There are two types of users: Admin (Only available with a QBI ultimate plan): Admins will get there own QBI account/login They will be able to manager their own Team members (Account owners will need to assign keys that will) They will have access to view leads from their own landing page and their own team member pages. They will not be able to see leads from the main account holders account. Team Member Team members do not get a QBI login The main account holder or admin can create team member landing pages. These landing pages are very similar to the account holder or admin pages but all leads from these pages will go to either the account holder or admin accounts. Team member pages are good for real estate agents, loan officers, and other referral sources.
  • Is there any training available for loan officers on how to effectively use QBI?
    To set up a training or demo please contact us

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