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A Legacy of Home: Community, Connection, and the Superpower of QBI

I have cherished memories of the first house my parents bought. It’s where I did

cartwheels in the hallway until my stomach hurt, where my dad grilled steaks in the backyard while my mom planted flowers in the front. I played with the neighbor’s kids until the streetlights came on and we drank water from hoses while learning how to ride bikes in the street. And while I cherish the memories of that house, my sense of "home" wasn’t only in the house we lived in but also in our extended family, our church home, and our surrounding community.

Now, as a military spouse, I still believe our “home” isn’t limited to one specific space. Home goes with us wherever we are. Time and time again, we create new communities for

ourselves. We forge new friendships and encourage our kids to do the same. We do this

whether we rent or own our homes. The process of creating community and connection

grounds us and enables us to put down “roots,” even when those roots are temporary.

I grew up hearing stories of how my family members had created community, connection, and “home” for themselves and others, even in the face of adversity. My grandfather pastored the same church for over 30 years, creating a spiritual home and a community for countless people in Sacramento. My grandmother founded a foster care agency, creating homes and connectedness for as many kids as she could. My dad, the founder of QBI, has worked in affordable housing for as long as I can remember, with hopes of helping people across the country create community through homeownership. I’m proud to work alongside him in this.

In the midst of economic challenges, the conversation around homeownership has

become increasingly complex. Uncertainties and differing opinions can cloud the decision-

making process for potential homeowners. This is where QBI steps in. While QBI serves as a pre-qualification tool, it’s also much more than that. It's a bridge to clarity and understanding. It empowers loan officers to gauge their clients' readiness for homeownership, enabling them to provide invaluable guidance and support throughout the home-buying process. QBI provides clarity, clearing up confusion and providing clear answers, bridging the gap between what seems unattainable and what is truly possible.

As the Chief Relationship Officer at QBI, I am committed to fostering a sense of collaboration with the loan officers and other real estate professionals who share our mission of expanding homeownership opportunities. I've always believed in the power of coming together, and at QBI, collaboration is our superpower. Working alongside loan officers, real estate agents, and others we hope to empower more people with the knowledge they need to prepare for purchasing a home. We’re here to connect, collaborate, and continue a legacy of home. We look forward to working with those of you who share in this vision with us.


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